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"...Salajeet is a rare mineral-like compound from the highest cliffs of Pakistan now available in the United States for the first time..."

"Salajeet, in ancient Sanskrit, means destroyer of weakness. That was enough to get one's interest..." If you want natural cures that have been suppressed by the pharmaceutical industry, this message is for you. As a reporter I don’t believe anything, not the exaggerated claims of the “natural” cures industry, not the pharmaceutical companies, not even the health food stores. So, when my friend began going on about something called Salajeet which came from Pakistan, I figured he had just had too much to drink. Destroyer of weakness! Salajeet means destroyer of weakness in ancient Sanscrit. That piqued my interest, says an American reporter.

Salajeet comes from the compost formed by decaying vegetation and the minerals they contain. It has been forming high in the mountains of Pakistan for thousands of years in fissures and cracks in the rocky landscape. The pitch like substance freezes solid each winter and then bakes in the hot summer sun until it oozes its way to the surface as a dark red resin. The locals collect the Salajeet and process it on non industrial basis.

Salajeet contains the following ingredients:
• 85 different essential minerals in ionic form which can be easily absorbed by the human body.
• Fulvic acid which is a powerful electrolyte that the body uses to get the minerals into the cells where they are needed
• Antioxidants
• Phytochemicals
• Free-radical scavengers
• Other nutrients
• Amino acids

According to Dr. Linus Pauling, winner of two Nobel Prizes, “You can trace every sickness, every disease and every ailment to a mineral deficiency” Minerals act as the catalyst for all of our metabolic reactions, the assimilation of vitamins and all of our other bodily functions. We are killing our bodies because we do not provide enough minerals for our cells to function properly.

The minerals in OTC supplements are in their native pure inorganic (metallic) form or colloidal form. Our body needs minerals in ionic form so they can be easily absorbed by our cells. Even when in ionic form, our body still has to absorb the minerals which is a process that becomes more difficult as we get older because our cell walls get thicker and it becomes harder to get those minerals to the protoplasm where they are needed. Insufficient minerals make it harder, if not almost impossible, for us to absorb vitamins as well. The end result is premature aging.

Salajeet with Fulvic Acid is an anti aging elixir that contains 85 minerals in natural ionic form that are essential for maintaining the equilibrium and energy metabolism of the human body. Since they are in ionic form, they can be easily absorbed by the body. The primary function of the fulvic acid is to penetrate the cell wall allowing the minerals to enter the cell.

Scientists are only now recognizing the power of fulvic acid in arresting and reversing the aging process. It may prove to be the healing miracle of the 21st century.

Fulvic acid forms from decayed plant matter with the help of microorganisms and allow the minerals in the soil to be absorbed by plants. It is an electrolyte. Using a giant amoebae, scientists tested the effect of fulvic acid on the cell. What occurred was referred to by researches and “a beautiful and astonishing demonstration” to restore life to the cell. When the fulvic acid was discontinued, the cell ruptured and died.

It is no stretch to conclude that human body cells need both fulvic acid to absorb minerals and the minerals in an ionic form for easy absorption by the body. The presence of minerals makes absorbing vitamins easy as well as bringing the human body into metabolic equilibrium for both anabolism and catabolism thereby maintaining the electrical energy potential and arresting and even reversing the aging process.

The ancient Yogis knew that fulvic acid in the form of Salajeet was a fountain of youth centuries ago.

Over 1.2 billion people in the world are obese. Conventional wisdom states, “The only way to lose weight is to eat less and be more physically active.”

However, when we are young, we can eat rich foods, lie around and still do not gain weight. But in our mid-twenties, we seem to have less energy, less stamina and even if we eat less, we start gaining weight. Diets and exercise don’t usually help much, if at all. The simple fact is that our metabolism has slowed down as we age and our body is storing more fat rather than converting it to energy.

Salajeet will balance your metabolism which causes you to convert the calories you eat into energy, not fat. The result is a slimmer more youthful and healthy body at any age.

Everyone over the age of 18 should be using Salajeet. Women will keep their youthful charm and men will keep their vigor, vitality and sexual energy.

Salajeet rebuilds, regenerates and restores youthful vigor from within. Within 10 days of use, you should begin to feel the difference – the power of growing young. Shouldn’t you be willing to invest in yourself… in your youthfulness?

Thousand of Salajeet users in over 60 countries routinely refer their friends to it. Order now and see the difference for yourself. What have you got to lose?

Get Relief from degenerative diseases like Alzheimer's, Parkinson's diseases, joint pain diseases, asthma diseases, pile and over all weakness. With our Himalayan Salajeet, Withania Somnifera , Tribulus Terrestris and Colchicum Autumnale (Meadow Saffron) combination. Withania Somnifera is also known as Indian Ginseng and Ashwagandha. Research done by the Paul Flechsig Institute of Brain Research, Department of Neurochemistry, University of Leipzig, D-04109 Leipzig Germany has shown that the combination of Salajeet and Withania Somnifera is very powerful in enhancing cognition and memory in Alzheimer's patients.
If any of your near or dear ones is afflicted by Alzheimer's we strongly recommend Himalayan Salajeet & Withania Somnifera PLUS combination. Surely, it’s worth a try. Join our satisfied customers and order Salajeet & Withania Somnifera. You’ll be amazed at the results.

4 months course - 4 Packets of Salajeet & Withania Somnifera Plus - 4 Months course for only @ Rs 3000 only.

The minerals have been pre-absorbed by the plants and left in the ionic form… a form most easily absorbed by the human body. This allows your body to get all of the minerals it needs to allow your cells to work at maximum efficiency. In fact, it can slow down or even reverse the effects of aging.

Research had also shown that Himalayan Salajeet Plus has helped to relieve or correct the following conditions:
• Diabetes
• Digestion problems
• Anxiety
• Immunodeficiency
• Obesity
• Tumors
• Ulcers
• Fatigue
• Memory problems
• Brain function
• Exercise recovery
• Reproductive health

Many traditional doctors in Pakistan claim Salajeet has the ability to reverse aging and anti-inflammatory properties that can relieve joint pain and inflammation.

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